Olivemagazine.gr had the pleasure to attend a night full of «Food, Family and Filotimo» -according to the invitation- on Wednesday the 13the of February at the Australian Ambassador’s residence, Mrs Kate Logan.

The unforgettable dinner, prepared by the renowned Greek-Australian chef who lives and excels in the… land down under, David Tsirekas, was enriched by beautiful narratives describing the life of Greek immigrants on the far continent and the relationship between Greek migration and Australian food culture over the decades.

With Noel Roche and a fine brigade de cuisine by his side, David presented creative dishes based on Greek culture (ingredients or techniques) served with amazing Australian wines.

The dinner started with Kingfish with lemongrass, tsipouro jelly and crispy smoked eggplant. Then we moved on to Sticky Samos tomatoes with cucumber mousse, feta marshmallows and olive powder -an alternative xoriatiki, the classic Greek salad- and a Wild greens pie with roti bread, horta, ginger and oyster sauce. The main course included a stunning Pork belly baklava and a unique Red curry seafood saganaki with steamed spanakorizo! The dessert was a delicious Lamington revani!

The guests had the opportunity to chat with David and exchange interesting views on the cuisine and the lives of Greek immigrants in Australia. Among them were Deputy Foreign Minister Terence Quick and his wife, Migration Policy Minister Dimitris Vitsas, Olga Kefalogianni (Member of Parliamnet Athens – New Democracy party), Diplomatic Advisor of New Democracy party Constantinos Alexandris, the cook Elias Mamalakis and Chef Gikas Xenakis (Aleria restaurant), food critics Simos Georgopoulos, Dimitris Antonopoulos and Panos Deligiannis and many others of the culinary and business field.

Watch Chef David Tsirekas below sharing his views on the life of Greek immigrants and the relationship between Greek migration and Australian food industry from 1878 till today.

Videos and photos are courtecy of the Australian Embassy in Athens. Credits: Angelos Giotopoulos.
More info: www.greece.embassy.gov.au

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