After finding success in Greek bookstores, Maria Thermou’s book “Dining with the Ancient Greeks” has been published by Olkos Publications in English.

Targetting an even greater audience that shows interest in the role of food in antiquity as a means of expression of culture and refined way of life, this amazing book has been translated into the English language by Alexandra Douma.
It is an original synthesis of ancient texts, a tasty narration from the Cycladic and Minoan to the Classical and Hellenistic Era. The author brings to life the delights of food and conviviality, the use of exotic products, the symposiums, the cooks and their recipes, all aspects that played an integral part in meals in ancient Greece, revealing a world full of aromas, smells, images, even of sounds. The author’s “companion” are Aristophanes, Menander, the Father of Gastronomy Archestratus, Homer, Athenaeus and The Deipnosophists, Hesiod, Aristotle, Plato, Euripides, Sophocles.

Maria Thermou, a journalist by profession with a long successful career in culture and ancient cultural heritage, enters the real ancient Greek kitchen, records and presents the stories behind the ancient Greek diet.

The English edition was made possible through the generous support of the J. F. Kostopoulos Foundation.

Dining with the Ancient Greeks, Author: Maria Thermou, Translation: Alexandra Douma, Pages: 184, Dimension: 21 x 12.5cm, ISBN: 978-960-8154-89-6, Price: 15 euros (no VAT)