Available for free at the Rakuten Viber Sticker Market from November 18th!

Olivemagazine.gr presents its complete sticker package on Viber – one of the world’s leading messaging platforms!

Continuing its dynamic course, the culinary site olivemagazine.gr is once again leading the way in the digital communication. As the first gastronomic site that uses Viber to communicate directly with its fans is now presenting its own package of stickers! This gives the users of olivemagazine.gr community -with more than 90.000 members and thousands of likes daily- the opportunity to interact in the most immediate and entertaining way by sending – completely free of charge – funny stickers and sketches! Everyday but also creative expressions such as “love at first bite”, “suck”, “#foodporn”, “we got burned” and more are linked to funny food sketches and create the most delicious Viber Sticker Pack!

The stickers of the olivemagazine.gr community on Viber are already available in the app’s sticker market and users can download them for free for the next 3 months. Upon receiving the stickers, users will have the opportunity to become direct members of the Viber Community of olivemagazine.gr and enjoy the most delicious news, creative recipes, restaurant reviews and gastronomic news from Greece and the world.

Download the olivemagazine.gr sticker pack from HERE.

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