The perfect savory snack every time hunger creeps up!

Serves: Preparation time: 20′ Cooks in: 20′ Ready in: 40′

1½ cup feta cheese, crumbled
4 tbsp black olive pate
3 tbsp flour
1 egg, beaten, for coating
flour for coating
panko breadcrumbs for coating
olive oil for frying
oregano leaves for decorating


Step 1
In a bowl mix well cheese, olive pate and flour and form walnut-sized balls.

Step 2
Put flour, egg and breadcrumbs in three different bowls. Dip your cheese balls in flour, egg and breadcrumbs.

Step 3
Fry cheese balls in well-heated olive oil in batches. Place on kitchen paper with slotted spoon.

Step 4
Serve warm with tomato chutney or other dipping sauce of your choice, decorating with a few oregano leaves.

Photo Vangelis Paterakis Food styling Antonia Kati

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