Modern Greek cuisine with original countryside flavors. The history of traditional table, served as an elevated brunch, with the best Acropolis view at Sense Restaurant. A really unique experience, one and only pleasure for all senses.

The tasty prelude was tiganites, a Greek style pancakes, made with extra virgin olive oil and topped with dry goat cheese (myzithra) from Arcadia and honey. Crunchy and fluffy pancake, salty, sweet and savory topping in perfect balance. An amazing dish to start your day.

Savory doughnuts balls, made with a combination of Greek cheeses, served with tomato marmalade and on top as a hut a foam of Chios mastic was the next delicious dish I tasted. It was plated so beautifully that all you wanted was leave it on the table and just admire it. A crunchy doughnut, releases the flavors of the cheeses in the mouth and the mastic like a veil. The sweet and slightly acidic tomato transformed this dish into one of the most pleasurable, modern and simultaneously traditional dishes I have ever tasted.

Thessaloniki bagel is the most popular street food breakfast in Greece. The team of the awarded chef Alexandros Charalambopoulos has created in the original menu a dish called “Like a Thessaloniki bagel”. A fresh baked, sesame bagel served with two different dips. The first one is Metsovone cheese (salty and smokey) cream and the second one is tomato “Riganada” (with oregano).

I also loved the egg dishes. One of the 3 options of the menu was the perfectly poached eggs on top of Ladenia, which is a pita from Kimolos with tomato paste, olives and caramelized onions. The egg yolk was oozing on the pita and created an impressive and flavorful dish.

I also recommend the quinoa salad with smoked trout and beet which was a very stylish and fresh dish full of flavors.
The desserts was a whole chapter on their own. Éclair with chocolate, Greek coffee and crunchy caramelized hazelnuts, deconstructed “rizogalo”, a rise putting with cinnamon with rice cracker on top, and yogurt ice cream with granola and marinated fresh fruits. Each one was unique.

Prices from 15 euros per person. Another option for unlimited orders of any dish with 39 euros per person.

Hotel Athens Was, 5 Dionysiou Areopagitou str. Tel: 2109200240