Lemony and very smooth, this lemon sorbet is the best way to finish a meal. You really have to try!

Serves: 6-7 Preparation time: 10′ + 4h waiting Cooks in: 5′ Ready in: 15′

250 g sugar
350 ml water
25 ml lemon liqueur or tsipouro or gin
125 ml lemon juice
2 lemons, zested

Step 1
In a small pan stir water with sugar for 5 minutes until dissolved. Add lemon juice and zest. Stir in liqueur and remove from heat and let cool completely.

Step 2
Transfer in a metallic loaf pan suitable for freezing. Freeze up to 4 hours. Remove for freezer and fluff it up with a spoon 2-3 times in the meantime.

Step 3
Scoop balls in a glass or ball and garnish with a few spearmint or mint leaves if you wish.

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