If you visit Athens, get ready for a unique gastronomic experience. Aleria restaurant creates an unforgettable high – end Greek cuisine.

‘Hortopita’, wild greens, feta cheese, crispy fyllo

“Hortopita”, wild greens, feta cheese, crispy fyllo

A unique gustatory combination of modern culinary techniques and traditional Greek dishes, deriving from savourous historic memories.


Talented chef Gikas Xenakis, one of the most famous and infuencial chefs in Greece, despite his just 33 years of age, has achieved to construct a unique style through hard work that will impress even the most demanding palate. Familiar and favourite greek tastes that speak the global gastonomic language as well.

Red Pumpkin Mousse. chestnuts, apaki (cured pork), black truffle

Red pumpkin mousse, chestnuts, apaki (cured pork), black truffle

One of my favourite dishes is the red pumpkin mousse. Instead of classic pumkin and chestnut soup, chef created an elevated version of pumpkin mousse, caramelised chestnuts, apaki -which is salty, seasoned cured pork originated from the island of Crete- and on top black truffle shaving. A lavish, pumpkin foam where crunchy diamonds of flavour emerge and pop one by one in every bite.

‘Pastitsio’. thick pasta, oxtail, shiitake

“Pastitsio”, thick pasta, oxtail, shiitake

One of the most famous dishes of the restaurant Aleria is Pastitsio. A decostructed version of Greek classic, with thick pasta, oxtail, shiitake mushrooms and béchamel sauce compose a gustatory treasure.

‘Kotosoupa’. organic chicken, egg, sea urchin, corn

‘Kotosoupa’. organic chicken, egg, sea urchin, corn

The chicken soup or “kotosoupa” in Greek, is a “new entry” dish that reveals savourous memories of not well off families, revisited as a new era dish with organic chicken, egg, corn, sea urchin and crispy chicken skin on top. A mind-blowing dish full of memory flavors.

Tsoureki. feulletine, orange, cardamom

Tsoureki: feulletine, orange, cardamom

As far as desserts are concerned do not miss out to have a taste of “Tsoureki”, the Greek version brioche with feulletine tube, orange and cardamom ice cream on the side.

Macedonian halva mousse. tahini, lemon, crispy pistachio

Macedonian halva mousse: tahini, lemon, crispy pistachio

A list of 207 Greek and international refined wines complement the dishes with wine pairing selections to a cheese platter with Greek cheeses, from every origin of the counrty, are available to the restaurant.


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