Plates unpretentiously created with love and especially creative. Seafood on the leading role with top gourmet combinations. Tasos Albanis, an excellent chef of Myconian Imperial Resort, creates a multi-national menu, with Cycladic scents, in which even the most incoherent seeming combinations have a perfect balance.

The most prominent example in this category was the chef’s welcome. My dinner started with foam and powder from chorizo and sea urchin. Right there I was thinking about how such a pungent sausage can work, like chorizo with the extremely delicious in flavor  sea urchin, the answer came through the test. Two bits full of sea iodine, with a slightly salty veil from the chorizo, which left the sea urchin visible, but added to it the ingredients necessary to emit its flavor. In the aftertaste I met the spicy Spanish delicacy discreetly and it was wonderful!

A bouillabaisse soup followed. On the plate was a proudly sautéed scallop. Caramelized externally, with a few millimeters of crust banging on the tooth as you bite it and juicy inside, tasty and structurally united (without fibers). It is the best scallop I tried this summer. On the same dish a piece of grouper, cooked perfectly. Three carrot textures filled the plate deliciously and gave the necessary sweetness to the salty nature of their seafood. The velvety broth, with the clear taste and aromas of the sea, came to blend and complete this shocking dish.

The combinations in the next dish were also unmatched. But here too the balances showed the art and talent of the chef Tassos Albani. Crayfish, foie gras, fig jam and sauce from Porto wine. Model of surf and turf! The dish is visually intriguing – a conceptual art. The crayfish are impressively soft, like butter. Their taste filled with a suspicion of baked protein that had touched a lighted cast iron. It was as if it was cooked on the coals. Foie gras sautated exactly where it should be. Salted perfectly to cut off its greasiness. Homemade fig jam brought down and balanced its flavor and made it fit perfectly with the crayfish.

In several large restaurants, when the first dishes are so imaginative, the main courses are mostly simpler and more comfort food. But that’s not the case here. And that’s what I expected … The main course was rich, delicious, qualitative, quantitative and excellent culinary. Bass fish with black risotto, tartar shrimp and lobster sauce. Two large, identical bass fish fillets, juicy, with crispy skin. Among them was the shrimp tartar. And all this on a dreamy black risotto! Baby corn, carrots and broccoli romanesco made the dish absolutely attractive and added the necessary light earthy flavors.

My dinner was completed with a rebuilt galaktoboureko. With a caramelized crust, crispy and not greasy , but in its cream it did not melt the semolina, resulting in small pellets. However, even if the cream was not velvety and had this little failure, it was deliciously the ultimate galaktoboureko!