Autumn’s favorite fruit, the apple, adds flavor to this easy, homemade recipe. This spoon sweet is made with Firiki apple, a variety of dwarf apples that are mostly cultivated in the area of Mount Pelion. It can be served alone, with soft cheese or ideally as a yogurt topping.

Preparation time: 50m Cooks in: 40m Ready in: 1:30′ m

1½ kg Firiki apples, ripe, firm
3 lemons, juiced
1½ kg sugar
1 cinnamon stick
cloves, a handful
blanched almonds, a cup


Step 1
Peel apples and remove core and pips with an apple corer. Place in a bowl with water adding the 2/3 of lemon juice to avoid browning.

Step 2
In a large pan pour and spread sugar evenly, covering with water, at least 3-4 cm above sugar. Add cinnamon stick and simmer until syrup thickens.

Step 3
Spike apples with cloves and arrange in the bottom of the pan. Boil in medium heat until syrup thickens again.

Step 4
Pour in the rest of the lemon juice and half blanched almonds and boil for another minute.

Step 5
Let cool, remove the cinnamon and cloves and fill apple cavity with almonds. Store apples in clean, sterilized vases.