It’s a bit tricky to find good quality souvlaki in Athens, mostly downtown. So no more average quality of food, bad service and expensive pricing! Enjoy your souvlaki or your gyros dish in the places we are recommending, that outshine many others!


Located behind the former Ministry of Education building and in business since 1950, Kostas serves 3 types of souvlaki with fresh ingredients – no fries! Make sure to visit before lunch when the line gets crazy and of course before 3 p.m. because the venue closes when they run out of meat. A second place under the same name operates in Ag. Irinis Square, too…
Pentelis 5, Syntagma, +30 210 3228502 / Ag. Irinis Square, +30 210 3232971

Tasty pork souvlaki served since 1963! One of the best spots to get your delicious, spicy and juicy kalamaki fix!
Kanigos Square 2-4, +30 210 3825760


Should you find yourself in Gazi or the surrounding area, Elvis is the place to go for a good quality souvlaki. Simple but quality menu, -no wraps- try delicious French fries and light pitas, tender chicken or pork souvlaki, sausages or kebab meat on the skewer. Don’t forget to wash it all down with beer or some raki!
Plataion 29 & Leonidou str., Keramikos, Metaxourgio, + 30 210 3455836

An Armenian immigrant revealed Lefteris how to prepare a good souvlaki back in the 50s. Since then Lefteris prepares and sells juicy pork, chicken, kebab and sausage on skewer served only with fresh tomato, onion and parsley! Simple and delicious!
Οmirou 66, Nea Smirni, South suburbs, + 30 210 9310341, 210 9333663

Koumbaroi (Best men)
Cult venue, incredible food! Insanely juicy pork and chicken shashlik served with lots of onion and paprika! It can’t get hotter than that! Try the heavenly beef liver on skewer and the handmade Russian salad, too! Surely worth a visit!
Samsoudos & Agiou Petrou, Menidi, West suburbs, + 30 210 2400671, 6984090991


Must haves the juicy, tender pork, kebab and chicken skewers! Everything is so fresh, flavorful and reasonably priced!
25th Martiou 9, Holargos, + 30 210 6532529

Open only in the afternoons, serves excellent pork and chicken on skewer! Must haves the juicy whole chicken cooked over a coal fire and kontosouvli (spit roasted BBQ pork)! Family business, a few tables, long lines but is worth the waiting!
Plapouta 24, Neo Iraklio, + 30 210 2814866

One of the best souvlaki places in the northern suburbs. Pork and chicken skewers slowly roasted on a spit over a charcoal pit. No wraps, real Greek salad (horiatiki), good feta and homemade French fries. Simple and tasty…
4 Stamatas Ave., Drosia, + 30 210 8131683


The Russians
The sign actually says “Souvlaki- Pirozhki”, but everybody knows the venue as «The Russians». Good quality ingredients and two restless women, Mrs. Anna and her daughter, have been serving amazing souvlaki and irresistible pirozhkis filed with minced meat, potato or cheese since 1990! Don’t miss it!
Gripari & Anagnostara street, Kalithea

Brilliant souvlaki, unbelievable chicken drum sticks, juicy kebabs and the best sausage in town cooked over a coal fire. Also, tender pork steak chops and turkey patties or grilled mushroom on a skewer. Amazing French fries (from Naxos island) handmade and so light! The same goes for the tzatziki, the spicy cheese spread and the baked eggplant salad!
Papadiamantopoulou 54, Ilisia, + 30 210 7717517